What Keeps You RUNNING ?

That’s a pretty good question many should ask themselves. But for me, I keep running because it is my love. It has been a passion of mine since I was 5 years old. Growing up in a small town in Trinidad, I didn’t have the resources nor was I able to take advantage of my true athletic ability at a very young age. I simply just chased my older brother, Charles Clement, and that developed my speed and endurance. But I wanted more, I knew there were a lot more opportunities out there for me to get better as an athlete. Then an opportunity presented itself, my late Grandmother Theresa Thomas migrated my family and I to the States in the winter of 1998. It was a dream come true, I immediately enrolled myself in athletics at La Porte High School. And quickly became a high school standout. There were some moments within my high school years that I almost wanted to quit athletics; simply because of a reoccurring knee injury I sustained while in Trinidad. It was simply unbearable, but I thank my high school coach, Michael Mosley for believing in my talent and seeing the gift that I could not have seen at the moment in my life.

I have accomplished so much within a short period of time in my athletic career, I am truly blessed and thankful for all that I have in my life. And I am still hungry to achieve more. The Olympic Gold in the 400m hurdles is what I seek and even breaking the World Record in the future. That is something I definitely want to achieve. Running is my escape for everything.